Well, here it is. My new world of typed out ramblings of social experiences, the people around me, restaurants, some fictional series, well… anything I deem worthy of a good writing session. Be forewarned, I do curse sometimes. So curse words may be intrinsically involved with most blogs. But I will refrain from turning this internet-page-land-thing into a goddamn Diary. No thanks. For the sake of sounding like some whiny hipster at a Silverlake Starbucks, I will not tell my tales of woe. At least, I’ll try. Because sometimes my tales of woe are interwoven with my early morning commute to work.
Damn women in sports cars.
Do you really deem it necessary to slam on the gas, only to get in front of me, but not drive any faster than me? Geez lady! I’m only driving that fast because I’m late for work. I’m not trying to compare dick sizes! Or…err… labia sizes? Eww.

Anyway, here it is. The bare bones of something I hope can be… somewhat entertaining. If not to others, at least to myself. And if I’m truly to call myself a writer, I should have had a blog a long time ago!

So… enjoy. And internet: Beware. I’m inside you.

Yo dawg

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