About Bri

Los Angeles is a cornucopia of delectable restaurants, bars, lounges… and people!

I’m a Los Angeles native writer and I’ve written for many different companies (large and small) tackling any writing assignment. But one of my favorite things to write about is FOOD! (And drinks of course.) During my writing career, I have met (and continue to meet) a lot of amazing chefs and bartenders, and dined at some incredible restaurants. I love the food and drink world so much that I decided to continue to write about it on my own time. Need a recommendation? I’m your girl.

I started this little online world to continue to do what I love. Writing and eating. Not necessarily in that order, but sometimes at the same time. (Unlike all my notebooks, these pages will thankfully not be filled with greasy stains.) It also gives me an excuse to take photos of my food. (It’s just so tasty and pretty!)

Welcome to this online world that’s made out of good stuff, all wrapped up in love, of course. (And with a little tongue-in-cheek wit on the side.) I hope you enjoy my passion project as much as I do.

Life (and food!) is incredible. I’m just here to talk about it.

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